What sets us apart

Our enthusiastic, creative and dedicated set of teachers who act like a “guide on the side rather than a sage on a stage”.

“Educational Zig-Zagging”, grabbing the attention span of the child every 3 - 5 minutes, shuffling activities.

Program activities like Circle Time, Mystery Box, PPt’s, Flash Cards, Shape & Bead Sorting, Word Play, Mental Math, Puppet Show, Story time, Dance, Music, Yoga, Gardening, Ball Play, Basket ball, Play Gym, Splash improves their sensory perceptional skills, logical reasoning, Visual-spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical-rhythmic, inter-personal and intra-personal and linguistic skills.

Specialists for various activities for more concrete and intricate learning experience. Worksheets, scrap books and assessment projects for reinforcement of study. Field trips and events to widen the knowledge spectrum of children. Hygiene Faculty.