About Sun Shine

Sun Shine

Sunshine has been incepted to create a difference. Its foundation was laid with the objective of schooling children by giving their free minds a pathway to ensure their progressive personal development and quality learning.

Our Philosophy

Each child is born with a set of culture and values which have to be an intrinsic part of their teaching and learning process. Complete education should enhance qualities like tolerance, compassion, respect, and co-existence leading to a peaceful life on this planet.Sunshine will instil leadership qualities to surge into the evolving century. The school will create an environment of continuous learning, critical thinking and excellence in academics.

Holistic Development

The holistic development of the learner is also dependent on the creative expression in all forms. The school will grow as a well knit community with the core team of learners, namely-teachers, students and the parents working hand in hand in an open environment, promoting international mindedness.