About Us

Sunshine has been incepted to create a difference. Its foundation was laid with the objective of schooling children by giving their free minds a pathway to ensure their progressive personal development and quality learning. Using our unique methods of education, we strive to carve a niche for ourselves by being refreshingly different from the ubiquitous prevalent system of imparting life skills and knowledge. The institution has a diverse mix of students from different ethnic backgrounds which imbibes a sense of deep unification amongst our children.

Combining the traditional Montessori method with the Kindergarten play way method, the curriculum and the methodology we employ, are designed to ensure that we add the most pristine value to the overall development of our children. We keep our days fun filled with laughter and joy, making it a beautiful experience for the young ones and team sunshine.

The curriculum of sunshine, gives a 360 degree exposure to the child. Academics is imparted through thematic approach making the child systematically acquire creative, analytical and logical skills, using various innovative activities like puppet show, mental math games, art & craft, dance & music, fun yoga, role play, basket ball and science projects, keeping in mind the audio, video and the kinesthetic aspect of teaching method. An optimum teacher- student ratio of 1: 7 is maintained to ensure each child is given individual attention.

This allows the transition of children from dependence to interdependence to independence, thereby developing the ability in every child to co-exist meaningfully. Our team of highly qualified teachers are the driving force of the school, with their various professional specialties adding value to our children. Every member constituting our teaching team has been selected not only based on their professional qualification but also on the kind of person they are and the values they carry, which enables them to creatively inspire our young children. Our world-class teaching aids, clubbed with the deep-rooted passion that our institution has for teaching, enables us create a bond with our children, establishing an environment, where they imbibe the best possible academics, social and life skills.